With the announcement of the directives and the Health Protocol of Greece for the operation of its hotels, the management of ZISSIS Hotel is committed to its full adoption.

ZISSIS Hotel is up to date with all security measures and health protocols.

These measures mostly are:

A. The training of our staff regarding:

  • The ways of transmitting the virus
  • Methods and practices of cleaning and disinfection with special emphasis on points based on their risk and probability of transmitting the disease
  • Strict adherence to basic measures to prevent transmission of the virus, especially with careful and regular hand washing, avoidance of handshakes, distance keeping, avoidance of hand-eye contact, nose and mouth and respiratory hygiene, with an emphasis on the use of a protective mask
  • Measures and actions taken by staff in case of illness incident in our customers

B. Taking utmost care to disinfect and clean rooms according to the official protocols.


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